Accepted Papers/Posters

1. Separation of Electric Guitar Sound based on stacked Recurrent Neural Network
2. Learning Cube Strategy in Backgammon with Neural Networks
3. Finding the Social Networking Service Factors of Homestay Intention in Vietnam Based on GM(1,N) Model
4. Dependency Parsing of Financial News to Improve Sentiment Analysis for Predicting Market Prices
5. Analysis of Polysemy using Variance Values for Word Embeddings by BERT
6. Timbre-enhanced Multi-modal Music Style Transfer with Domain Balance Loss
7. Opinion Dynamics including both Trust and Distrust in Human Relation for Various Network Structure
8. Variational Autoencoders for Polyphonic Music Interpolation
9. A Method to Extract Knowledge Explanation Sentences from Conversations in Comics with Combination of Contents and Expressions
10. Automatic Punctuation Restoration for corpus in Traditional Chinese Language using Deep Learning
11. Empirically Testing Deep and Shallow Ranking Models for Click-Through Rate (CTR)
12. Mining Events through Activity Title Extraction and Venue Coupling
13. Visualization techniques to give insight into the operation of the Go policy network
14. The Design of Access Control by using Data Dependency To Reduce the Inference of Sensitive Data
15. Extraction of Question-related Sentences for Reading Comprehension Tests via Attention Mechanism
16. Music Retrieval Focusing on Lyrics with Summary of Tourist-spot Reviews Based on Shared Word-vectors
17. Cost-Sensitive Deep Learning with Layer-Wise Cost Estimation
18. Cost Learning Network for Imbalanced Classification
19. Disambiguation of Japanese Idiomatic Expressions Using Bias in Occurrence of Verbs
20. Enhance Content Selection for Multi-Document Summarization with Entailment Relation
21. Deep Case Estimation and Japanese Anaphora Resolution with a Verb-Associative Concept Dictionary
22. Personalized Travel Product Recommendation Based on Embedding of Multi-Behavior Interaction Network and Product Information Knowledge Graph
23. Syntax-aware Natural Language Inference with Graph Matching Network
24. Application of Exchanging Monte Carlo Method to Sample Deep Boltzmann Machines
25. Making Negation-word Entailment Judgment via Supplementing BERT with Aggregative Pattern
26. Mining and Clustering Phrases for English for Special Purpose: Travel Writing
27. Learning of Evaluation Functions on Mini-Shogi Using Self-playing game records

1. Determining the Logical Relation between Two Sentences by Using the Masked Language Model of BERT
2. Refined Prediction of Mouse and Human Actions Based on A Data-Selective Multiple-Stage Approach of 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
3. Playing AI Dots-And-Boxes Using Endgame Theory and Nimstring Sprague-Grundy Values
4. Behind the Name: A Comparative Framework for Age Estimation of Taiwanese Names
6. Analyses of Tabular AlphaZero on NoGo
7. Deep-Learning Rain Detection and Wiper Control Featuring Gaussian Extraction
8. Construction of document feature vectors using BERT
9. Developer Recommendation for Bug Reports based on Ontological Aspects
10. Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis on Convolution Neural Network and Multi-Hierarchical Attention
11. Construction of Domain-Specific DistilBERT Model by Using Fine-Tuning
12. MatDC: A Multi-turn Multi-domain Annotated Task-oriented Dialogue Dataset in Chinese
13. A Deep Learning Approach for Efficient Palm Reading
14. Causality Model for Text Data with a Hierarchical Topic Structure
15. A Capsule Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
16. ConSenses: Disambiguating content word groups based on knowledge base and definition embedding
17. Probabilistic Segmentation of Word Forms into Affixes and Word Roots
18. Evaluation of Loss Function for Stable Policy Learning in Dobutsu Shogi
19. A Gradient Boosting Method for Effective Prediction of Housing Prices in Complex Real Estate Systems
20. Hoeffding Tree Method with Feature Selection for Forecasting Daily Demand Orders
21. Multi-modal, Multi-labeled Sport Highlight Extraction

1. 採遞迴式多場景序列感知之物聯網影像強化
2. 社群網站貼文中的颱風災情相關具名實體辨識
3. 多功能加工製造中心機台配置最佳化
4. 鯨魚優化演算法之改進及應用
5. 跨語系之學術搜尋引擎的開發及挑戰
6. 長短期興趣漂移在推薦系統中之研究
7. 智慧美顏系統之研究
8. 基於深度網路影像辨識之兒童手部衛生養成與激勵系統
9. 結合CNN和LSTM在連續人臉情緒影像辨識上的應用
18.FinRec: Financial Item Recommendation with Pre-Training Tree-based Models
19.Using Balanced Adaptive Focal Loss for Imbalanced Datasets
22.應用 BERT 結合上下文特徵於中文裁判書之要旨抽取
24.應用 Auto-encoder 技術於無監督漢字圖像修復
25.Answering Chinese Elementary School Social Study Multiple Choice Questions
28.Supporting Evidence Retrieval with cross-sentence relation
29.DeFake: Debunking Fake Social Messages with BERT Embeddings
34.Automatic Recognition of Broiler Flock Distribution with Object Detection and Clustering Technology
35.Multi-focus Image Fusion Using Encoder-Decoder Learning Network with Refinement 
37.Learning for Radial Basis Function Neural Networks with Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
38.GMM-based Sampling for Imbalanced Data Processing

1. 蔬果自動採收機器人
2. 象群游牧優化演算法之改良及應用
3. RapidMiner於資料採礦之應用
4. 基於預測表現與樣本權重調整風險估計之領域適應方法
5. 基於深度學習之病史詢答問題比對
6. 記憶遊新:基於深度學習之台灣新竹景點影像辨識系統
7. 應用自然語言處理與人工智慧技術於常用刑事類別判決預測
8. 具協同過濾推薦和模糊查詢功能的電腦組裝系統
9. 基於矩陣分解之課程推薦及系統實作
10.Data Driven Spotting Note Prediction for Film Scoring