International Program

TAAI-A1: Natural Language Processing I

Session Chair: Prof. Jason S. Chang, National Tsing Hua University
Time: Dec. 3, 10:30-12:00
Place: R101

A1-1. Dependency Parsing of Financial News to Improve Sentiment Analysis for Predicting Market Prices
Author: Jenq-Haur Wang (National Taipei University of Technology)*; Hung-Hsuan Wang (National Taipei University of Technology); Lei Wang (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

A1-2. Analysis of Polysemy using Variance Values for Word Embeddings by BERT
Author: Yanghuizi Ou (Ibaraki University); Rui Cao (Ibaraki University); Jing Bai (Ibaraki University); Wen Ma (Ibaraki University); Hiroyuki Shinnou (Ibaraki University)*

A1-3. A Method to Extract Knowledge Explanation Sentences from Conversations in Comics with Combination of Contents and Expressions
Author: Yoko Nishihara (College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University)*; Kohei Matsuoka (Ritsumeikan University); Ryosuke Yamanishi (Kansai University)

A1-4. Making Negation-word Entailment Judgment via Supplementing BERT with Aggregative Pattern
Author: Tzu-Man Wu (Academia Sinica)*; Keh-Yih Su (Academia Sinica)

A1-5. Extraction of Question-related Sentences for Reading Comprehension Tests via Attention Mechanism
Author: JUNJIE SHAN (Ritsumeikan University)*; Yoko Nishihara (College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University); 前田 亮 (立命館大学); Ryosuke Yamanishi (Kansai University)

TAAI-A2: Computer Games and Reinforcement Learning

Session Chair: Prof. Li-Wei Kang, National Taiwan Normal University
Time: Dec. 3, 14:40-16:00
Place: R101

A2-1. Learning Cube Strategy in Backgammon with Neural Networks
Author: Andrew P Lin (Washington Technology University)*

A2-2. Visualization techniques to give insight into the operation of the Go policy network
Author: Yuanfeng Pang (The University of Electro-Communications)*; Takeshi Ito (The University of Electro-Communications)

A2-3. Learning of Evaluation Functions on Mini-Shogi Using Self-playing game records
Author: Masahiro Shioda (The University of Electoro-Communications); Takeshi Ito (The University of Electro-Communications)*

A2-4. Empirically Testing Deep and Shallow Ranking Models for Click-Through Rate (CTR) Prediction
Author: Yi-Che Yang (National Central University); Ping-Ching Lai (National Central University); Hung-Hsuan Chen (National Central University)*

TAAI-A3: Vision and Sound

Session Chair: Prof. Shing-Tai Pan, National University of Kaohsiung
Time: Dec. 3, 16:20-17:40
Place: R101

A3-1. Separation of Electric Guitar Sound based on stacked Recurrent Neural Network
Author: Wen-Hsing Lai (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology); Siou-Lin Wang (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology)*

A3-2. Variational Autoencoders for Polyphonic Music Interpolation
Author: Pablo López Diéguez (National Tsing Hua University)*; Von-Wun Soo (National Tsing Hua University)

A3-3. Application of Exchanging Monte Carlo Method to Sample Deep Boltzmann Machines
Author: Hiroki Shibata (Tokyo Metropolitan University)*; Lieu-Hen Chen (National Chi Nan University); Yasufumi Takama (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

A3-4. The Design of Access Control by using Data Dependency To Reduce the Inference of Sensitive Data
Author: Kuei-Sheng Lee (National Central University); Yen-Cheng Lai (National Central University); Shao-Yu Chen (National Central University); Yi-Shin Lin (National Central University); Meng-Feng Tsai (National Central University)*

TAAI-A5: Best Paper Award Session

Session Chair: Prof. Po-Chi Su, National Central University
Time: Dec. 4, 13:30-14:50
Place: R101

A5-1. Timbre-enhanced Multi-modal Music Style Transfer with Domain Balance Loss
Author: Fan Tsai-Jyun (National Tsing Hua University)*; Chien-Yu Lu (National Tsing Hua University); Wei-Chen Chiu (National Chiao Tung University); Li Su (Academia Sinica); Che-Rung Lee (National Tsing Hua University )

A5-2. Cost-Sensitive Deep Learning with Layer-Wise Cost Estimation
Author: Yu-An Chung (MIT CSAIL); Shao-Wen Yang (Amazon); Hsuan-Tien Lin (National Taiwan University)*

A5-3. Disambiguation of Japanese Idiomatic Expressions Using Bias in Occurrence of Verbs
Author: Hirofumi Funato (Graduate School of Engineering, Takushoku University)*; Takehiro Teraoka (Graduate School of Engineering, Takushoku University)

A5-4. Enhance Content Selection for Multi-Document Summarization with Entailment Relation
Author: Yun-Yun Wang (National Cheng Kung University); Jhen-Yi Wu (National Cheng Kung University); Tzu-Hsuan Chou (National Cheng Kung University); Ying-Jia Lin (National Cheng Kung University); Hung-Yu Kao (National Cheng Kung University)*

A5-5. Personalized Travel Product Recommendation Based on Embedding of Multi- Behavior Interaction Network and Product Information Knowledge Graph
Author: Li-Pin Xiao (National Chiao Tung University)*; Po-Ruey Lei (ROC Naval Academy); Wen-Chih Peng (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

TAAI-A4: Natural Language Processing II

Session Chair: Prof. Yung-Chun Chang, Taipei Medical University
Time: Dec. 4, 10:20-11:50
Place: R101

A4-1. Music Retrieval Focusing on Lyrics with Summary of Tourist-spot Reviews Based on Shared Word-vectors
Author: Yihong Han (Ritsumeikan University)*; Ryosuke Yamanishi (Kansai University); Yoko Nishihara (College of Information Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University)

A4-2. Deep Case Estimation and Japanese Anaphora Resolution with a Verb-Associative Concept Dictionary
Author: Kiyoaki Ito (Graduate School of Engineering, Takushoku University)*; Takehiro Teraoka (Graduate School of Engineering, Takushoku University)

A4-3. Syntax-aware Natural Language Inference with Graph Matching Network
Author: Yan-Tong Lin (National Chiao Tung University)*; Meng-Tse Wu (Academia Sinica); Keh-Yih Su (Academia Sinica)

A4-4. Automatic Punctuation Restoration for corpus in Traditional Chinese Language using Deep Learning
Author: Yu-Chieh Chao (Academia Sinica); Chia-Hui Chang (National Central University)*

A4-5. Mining and Clustering Phrases for English for Special Purpose: Travel Writing
Author: 彭冠復 (National Tsing Hua University)*; 許靜媛 (National Tsing Hua University); Jason Chang (National Tsing Hua University); 吳㛢慈 (National Tsing Hua University)

TAAI-A6: Web Intelligence and Social Networks

Session Chair: Prof. Cheng-Te Li, National Cheng Kung University
Time: Dec. 4, 15:10-16:30
Place: R101

A6-1. Opinion Dynamics including both Trust and Distrust in Human Relation for Various Network Structure
Author: Akira Ishii (Tottori University)*; Nozomi Okano (Tottori University)

A6-2. Mining Events through Activity Title Extraction and Venue Coupling
Author: Yuan-Hao Lin (National Central University)*; Chia-Hui Chang (National Central University); Hsiu-Min Chuang (National Defense University)

A6-3. Finding the Social Networking Service Factors of Homestay Intention in Vietnam Based on GM(1,N) Model
Author: Kuei-Chien Chiu (Chaoyang University of Technology)*; Rung-Ching Chen (Chaoyang University of Technology); Chih-Sung Lai (National Taichung University of Education); Hui Chu Hsing (Chaoyang University of Technology); DucHanh Tran Thi (National Taichung University of Education )

A6-4. Cost Learning Network for Imbalanced Classification
Author: Chun-Yi Tu (University of California San Diego); Hsuan-Tien Lin (National Taiwan University)*