TAAI 2020

The International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence (TAAI) series of conferences is an annual leading conference on artificial intelligence and a well-established conference series in the AI community in Taiwan. TAAI 2020 is mainly sponsored by the Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (TAAI) and hosted by the National Central University, Taiwan. The conference will provide a forum for researchers to share their insights in various aspects of artificial intelligence from theory, techniques, applications and implementation.

TAAI2020 Program Highlight

TAAI 2020 has a comprehensive program including keynote speeches, nectar program, technical program, industry panel, tournament, and industry exhibition and Girls for AI Advance (GAIA) program.

  1. Four speakers: Dr. Gil Alterovitz from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Dr. Prof. Masashi Sugiyama from University of Tokyo and RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, Dr. I-Chen Wu from NCTU and Center for Information Technology Innovation (CITI), Sinica, and Dr. Prof. Shang-Hong Lai from National Tsing Hua University and Microsoft AI R&D center. (四場keynote speeches, 涵括AI照護 (哈佛/MIT Gil Alterovitz教授)、強健式機器學習 (東大 杉山將教授)、深度強化學習 (交大 吳毅成教授)、高安全人臉識別 (微軟/清大 賴尚宏教授))

  2. Industry panel: Lessons on the Lifecycle of AI Technology from Development to Deployment with five panelists, Wei-Chao Chen from Inventec, Roger Jang from National Taiwan University and E.Sun Bank, Shou-De Lin from National Taiwan University and Appier, Michael Chang from Microsoft, Chih-Chen Chen from MediaTek. (業界論壇:與談貴賓包括Appier 林守德首席機器學習科學家、玉山金控張智星科技長、英業達集團陳維超數位長、Mediatek 陸忠立資深處長、及微軟AI研發中心張仁炯執行長等來賓。)

  3. Nectar Program: Taiwan's latest AI research at top conferences, including AAAI, ACL, ACMMM, ECCV, ICML, KDD, NeurIPS, SIGIR and WWW. (頂尖會議論文再現:邀集過去兩年在世界「頂尖AI學術會議」發表 論文的台灣學者,重現其研究成果。)

  4. Industry Exhibition & Recruting: MediaTek, Microsoft, Winbond, Trend Micro, Appier, Bridgewell, MoBagel, Galaxy Software Services Corporation, AI3, FootPrintKu, Cathay Life Insurance, and more than 10 industry vendors’ recruitment activities. (聯發科、微軟、華邦、趨勢、Appier、宇滙知識、Mobagel、叡揚、AI3、 富比庫、國泰人壽,10多家業界廠商的徵才活動。)

  5. University-Industry Matching: Research problems and cooperation opportunities brought by seven IT companies including AI3, Mimotech, Infolight, Taiwan Data Science, eAI Technology, HamaStar Technology, and Sunstart Education. (產學媒合會:七家資訊服務業者 AI3、Mimotech、訊光科技、台灣資料科學、漢門科技、哈瑪星 科技、思達創旭等帶來之研究問題及產學媒合之機會。)

  6. TAAI PhD/Master Thesis Award Speeches: Selected by more than 10 professors. (TAAI 學會2020 最佳博碩士論文奬論文演講及海報展出最新人工智慧研究成果。)

  7. Technical program: more than 100+ technical papers on various AI research topics such as natural language, machine learning, computer vision, data exploration, computer games, FinTech, Web intelligence, social media, etc. (來自國內外各學術單位,超過100+篇在自然語言、機器學習、電腦視覺、資料探勘、電腦賽局、FinTech、Web智慧等研究主題。)

  8. ICPAI 2020: The first international conference on pervasive artificial intelligence, which covers applications of AI in various fields such as smart agriculture, energy, manufacturing, human-computer interaction, networking, medical treatment, precision sports, finance, commerce, and robotics. (第一屆普適人工智慧研討會ICPAI(由曾新穆教授主辦),主題涵蓋智慧農業、能源、製造、人機互動、網路、醫療、精準運動、金融、商業、機器人各領域之應用。)

  9. GAIA program lectured by Prof. Jen-Wei Huang, this special program is designed to inspire more girls for AI advancement.

Important Dates

Paper Submission: August 31, 2020 September 15, 2020 (Deadline extension)

Notification: October 12, 2020

Camera-ready and Registration: October 19, 2020 October 31, 2020 (Deadline extension)

Early Registration: October 20, 2020 October 31, 2020 (Deadline extension)

Online Registration: November 23, 2020


January 7, 2021Conference photos are posted.
January 5, 2021About the journal special issue submission, please note that all submission are invited. If your paper is selected in the journal special issue, you will receive the invitation letter.
December 5, 2020Congratulations to the authors, receiving the Best Paper/Poster Award in TAAI 2020.
November 29, 2020The handbook of TAAI 2020 is online.
November 18, 2020Both International & Domestic Track Posters will be exhibited on the 3rd floor during the reception (Dec. 3, 2020). Authors who could not attend the conference in person, please send your poster file to Prof. YungYu Zhuang (yungyu[AT]ncu[DOT]edu[DOT]tw) by 11/23 (Template).
November 18, 2020For international track papers, please upload 15 minutes or 5 minutes videos for oral presentation and lighting talks to the designated URL by 11/23.
November 15, 2020Tentative program is online.
November 5, 2020Online registration is allowed before Nov. 23 2020.
October 16, 2020Authors of accepted papers should submit the camera-ready copy before Oct. 31 2020.
October 16, 2020Papers that do not have a full-registered author by the early-bird registration deadline (Oct. 31, 2020) will be removed from the proceedings.
October 14, 2020Registration system is online.
October 6, 2020We are pleased to invite Professor Masashi Sugiyama as a Keynote Speaker.
October 6, 2020We are pleased to invite Professor I-Chen Wu as a Keynote Speaker.
October 6, 2020We are pleased to invite Professor Shang-Hong Lai as a Keynote Speaker.
August 31, 2020Paper submission deadline has been extended to September 15, 2020.
July 13, 2020We are pleased to invite Professor Gil Alterovitz as a Keynote Speaker.
July 6, 2020Call for domestic thesis award applications (Announcement and Application Form).
July 3, 2020The submission system is online.
May 30, 2020The TAAI 2020 official website is online.

Covid-19 Announcement

As the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided in Taiwan and been brought under control, we will hold physical meetings. However, we will also prepare online meetings for participants who cannot attend in person.

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